iPad Q&A

Do the students still use books etc. to do their work?
Yes the students will still use books every day; the iPad is viewed as another tool to enhance learning. 

How much time is spent on their iPad each day in class?
This will vary, depending on how the teacher & student decide to use the device to support their learning. It may be used for drill & practice during a Maths or Spelling/ literacy lesson, organising and creating work as a result of an inquiry/research task in a work flow situation, story-writing, using a dictionary, referring to the Bible, searching for a location using Google earth, creating during a music lesson, internet searching at the various times of need during the day, collaborating on a task via Google Docs, participating in a virtual excursion (e.g. Art Gallery, zoo etc.) taking photos to use in a task, connecting & collaborating with other students from around the world on a Global Project, emailing work or uploading to Class Blog, etc. 

Which Apps should we buy?
Careful planning and research of Apps that support & enhance learning with the purpose of achieving outcomes will be required. These will be chosen by our ICT coordinator, Stage teachers & Principal. It is important that the list of required Apps be kept to a minimum & will cover a range of needs that students have when engaged in learning opportunities.

What if my child wants to buy other Apps to use after school hours?
Because the student owns their device they can purchase other Apps at their parent’s discretion. HOWEVER, only Apps stipulated by the school are allowed to be used and must be visible on the front pages of the device. Each student & their parents will sign a new “ SHPS iPad User Agreement” which will outline our policy of use at Sacred Heart. This will clearly outline rules & consequences if the agreement is broken. 

Who is in charge of downloading the Apps?
Parents & students will be in charge of managing their own device. Parents will be required to set up an iTunes account (with the student's DOW Google email account used for the Apple ID) for their child. In accordance with Apple’s terms and conditions, parents are asked to manage the Apple ID for children under 13 years of age. It must not be linked to their parents own Apple ID account OR credit card. It is our strong recommendation that any additional Apps be purchased using iTunes cards. A parent and student ‘Boot-Camp’ will be held at the beginning of each year to demonstrate the setting up of the device, Apple ID & general iPad use tips. 

What happens if a student uses an App (e.g. A gaming App) at school?
As part of the ”SHPS iPad User Agreement” students and parents will have a clear outline of Sacred Heart’s policy in regard to the misuse of their device or use of inappropriate Apps. Such as, the deleting of the App, taking iPad off student for various periods of time, notifying parents, 3 strikes and iPad will be banned for an extended time etc.

Are the students allowed to use their iPads at recess & lunch?
No. Students will only be allowed to use their iPads during class time. They may take it to their library & music lessons. They will also not be permitted to use their iPads on their journey to & from school.

Do we need Internet access at home? How much will it cost to run this iPad?
Yes. Students will need Wi-Fi in order to connect their iPad to the Internet to use at home. Whilst there are many Apps that work without connection, they will be required to use the Internet for homework & emailing requirements at times as stipulated by their teacher.

How will they use their iPad at home?
They will be required to use their iPads for homework & emailing requirements at times stipulated by their teacher.

What happens if a student brings their iPad to school not charged?
It will be a highly recommended requirement that each student charges their iPad each night & brings it to school 100% charged. The school will have only a few emergency chargers available BUT if a particular student is continually not responsible with charging their iPad each night then they will not be able to use it during class time.

What happens if a student forgets to bring their iPad to school?
If a student forgets to bring their iPad to school then they will have to complete their work using other tools of learning. If this occurs more than once the parents will be notified.