BYOD: Getting Started

Sacred Heart Primary School is committed to integrating technology into all learning and teaching to enhance learning and to prepare students for their role in the digital world in which we live. For today’s generation of students, technology is a part of their everyday environment. To fully meet their needs, technology needs to be pervasive and always available. 

The following information is provided as a guide for parents/carers in order for the iPad you pruchase to be an effective learning tool for your child. You should be able to access education pricing.

Basic Specifications

  • iPad must be able to run iOS10.3.3 or higher
  • has at a minimum 16GB capacity
  • Please note iPad minis are not supported for NAPLAN

Please note if the iPad you purchase is exclusively for school use, the 16GB device will be adequate to meet school requirements. However, if you wish to purchase extra capacity for your child, to allow for future use, you are more than welcome to do so. This will allow more multimedia and Apps to be stored on the device.

Case: Please ensure that you provide an adequate cover that will protect the iPad and one which includes an iPad stand to encourage correct posture. It is our recommendation that you provide a bag for the iPad to be transported to and from school to ensure maximum protection.

Wi-fi: The school will connect each child to Sacred Heart's wireless internet.

Insurance: It is the responsibility of the family to insure their device and any breakages or damage that may occur is the responsibility of the owner. It is advised that you check your home and contents insurance - this may be a viable option for you.

What Apps does my child's iPad need to have installed?

It is the responsibility of parents as the owners of the iPad to purchase and install the necessary apps. This may mean creating accounts which you manage for your child. Teachers publish a list of apps each year, but may add to the list for specific projects.


Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship refers to the use of technology safely and responsibly, and how to evaluate, manage and use the information and tools we find online. It is easy to say things from behind a computer screen that you would never say face-to-face. Maintain the same level of courtesy online that you would in the real world. 

Acceptable Use and BYOD Agreement

Student use of the iPad at school falls under the guidelines of the school's Acceptable Use Policy. Access to the internet is monitored through our school's content filtering software and all rules and expectations are applied to the use of the iPad. All applications, activity and documents stored on the iPad are subject to regular review and monitoring.

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

Student Testimonials 

“Using an iPad at school is very beneficial to me because with such a wide range of apps so close at hand every subject is covered. Internet is also really close at hand and that helps because it saves the time of getting out a computer and waiting for everything to load, thus granting more time to research and learn”.

“I most enjoy using the iPad for my learning during warm up exercises; when reflecting on my learning; when completing major tasks; when accessing 'apps' to create”.

“The creative and helpful 'apps' I have access to; having easy access to the 'internet'; that's it mobile and I can take it anywhere; I get to choose how I use it; that it is easy to share what I do with others”.