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December 17 Newsletter

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A reminder that this Friday 18th December the canteen will be closed due to end of year cleaning.

Lost Property Wednesday

On Wednesday morning all lost property items will be placed on a table outside the hall.  Any unclaimed items at the end of the day will be sent to the uniform shop or disposed of.

2W Parents

This week the end of the year we will be watching ‘James and the giant peach’ as we read the book, by Roald Dahl in class. The movie is rated PG. If you have any questions, concerns or you would prefer your child not to watch it please let me know in writing.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Helen Hamilton

Classroom teacher

Sacred Heart Primary School

December 10 Newsletter

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COVID Carols 2020 Link

Here is the link for the Christmas Concert.  It will become live at 5:00pm and be deleted from YouTube on Thursday evening.  A reminder please do not share or download this video with people outside of our community.

COVID Carols 2020

Community Carols COVID Style! 

This afternoon we celebrate as a community our reinvented Christmas Carols. Families will be emailed and SZapped out the unlisted Youtube link on Wednesday afternoon. 

We encourage families to come together and sing dance to the carols which the children have had fun producing. 

Please feel free to take photos of your family celebrating together and send them through to the office so that we can share these with the rest of our community through our social media platforms.   

Again we request that the YouTube link is not shared out further than our immediate school community to respect our students’ and families privacy. 

Merry Christmas  

SHPS Staff   

December 3 Newsletter

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Safety Unit

Kindergarten are currently inquiring into 'How do we keep ourselves safe?' 

We will be discussing how we make choices to keep ourselves and others safe. We will be learning about the rules, strategies and people who help keep us safe.

Our topics are….

  • Why is it important to be safe? 
  • Beach Safety
  • Water safety
  • Safe feelings versus Unsafe feelings
  • Sun Safety
  • Being Safe at home with poisons and medicine
  • Fire Safety
  • Calling 000
  • We know what to do to be safe!

It is a great opportunity to let your child know of all the things you do at home to keep each other safe.

Please contact Samantha, Vanessa or Kerry if you have any questions about our inquiry.

Kinder Nativity

Kinder are very excited to present the story of the Nativity tomorrow! Thank you to those who have RSVP'd, if you would like to attend and haven't RSVP'd please send it through to the front office. If you are coming along, please arrive at 12:20 for a 12:30 start. Please send your child in their school uniform in the morning with their costume in a labelled bag and students will change into their costumes. Thank you for your support in preparing costumes, it is very much appreciated! 

Kind Regards, 

Kinder teachers