Pastoral Care

 Pastoral Care and Welfare Agreed Practice


The National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program at Sacred Heart.

Our School Chaplain, Mr. John Bourke, works with staff and students to support students’ happiness and wellbeing at school. In consultation with classroom teachers Mr. Bourke works with groups of students from Kindergarten to Year 6 helping them to develop strategies and skills to develop, grow and maintain positive friendships and to deal with issues that may arise in the classroom or on the playground. Mr. Bourke’s work with the students reflects and compliments the schools’ Student Pastoral Care and Welfare Agreed Practices. At times, parents may be contacted by Mr. Bourke to touch base and develop a shared way of supporting students.

Mr. Bourke works on our school ‘Seasons for Growth’ program taking a group of students through a program to help them develop skills and strategies to deal with any form of loss or grief they may have experienced.

Mr. Bourke also supports the staff Peer Support team and assists with the student leadership training day when the new school leaders begin their preparation to run Peer Support sessions.

The program is included in our Strategic Management Plan for the school and is part of the Annual Improvement Plan developed in consultation with the Community Council.