After School Care

After School Service at Sacred Heart is conducted in the School Hall by the YMCA. A sub committee of the Community Council spent several months investigating options and possible providers for our service. After a long consultation process the YMCA was selected. The YMCA is committed to working with our local community. The YMCA works closely with the Principal and parents to ensure the service operates successfully and meets the needs of the community.

The After School Care Program at Sacred Heart aims to provide children with a safe and inviting environment where they can explore interests, develop and practice skills and play with other children.


The program reflects the needs and interests of children, involves the children in the planning and incorporates the views of parents. Children explore a wide variety of enjoyable and challenging activities that include, but are not limited to, craft, games, movies, sport, cooking and much more. The children are provided with a healthy snack each day.

The program is evaluated regularly by the Community Council to ensure its appropriateness and effectiveness.

The program is licenced by the Office of Childcare, and the conditions incorporate the National Standards for Outside School Hours Care and the requirements of the Children and Young Peoples Act 1999.

All programs are approved services enabling clients to receive Child Care Benefits from the Family Assistance Office.

Available: Monday to Friday 3.15pm - 6.00pm.

Contact: Further information call 6242 4040 or go directly to the YMCA website