We, the Catholic community of Sacred Heart Primary School, support and challenge each other to grow and learn within a vibrant and collaborative environment as we nurture our hearts, minds and spirits.


The school community has explored the ecclesial, social and educational context in which we operate. We have identified four central ideas that assist us translate our vision into action:


We believe these are the CORNERSTONES of a fulfilled life and give shape to how we work together to support the development of our students. They are also the CORNERSTONES on which we are building our community. We are building alearning community, a community of faith, pathways for learning and success, agreed practices, networks of support, shared understanding, values, skills and knowledge.

The chief cornerstone: A large stone laid at the base of a building to strengthen the two walls forming a right angle. These stones in some ancient buildings were as much as twenty feet long and eight feet thick.

Brewer: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.


1. Foundation Stone

2. Indispensable part or base

Australian Oxford Dictionary

'The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone'

Mark 12:10-11


God's Spirit calls us to the sacred. With Jesus as our inspiration we reveal the creative love of God.


Life is a mysterious and valuable gift. We are challenged to reflect on experience as we explore its possibilities.


We all have a life-long capacity to learn. The skills and processes of learning help us make sense of the world.


Relationships enrich our lives. Understanding the connectedness of our world, we are called to contribute responsibly and to interact with respect.