Every Chance to Learn

The curriculum at Sacred Heart Primary School is based on the ACT Government's Curriculum Framework Every Chance to Learn.

The purpose of curriculum is to develop each student as a learner, person, community member and contributor to society

"Every Chance to Learn, Curriculum Framework for ACT schools, p8'"

Student learning and development are at the centre of Sacred Heart's curriculum. The aim of curriculum is to develop students as learners and as people, empowering them with the knowledge, understandings, capabilities and values to participate as active members of their community and society.

The purpose of curriculum is to develop each student as a …

… learner

The core business that distinguishes school as a social institution is the development of children and young people as learners. Curriculum develops the understandings, skills and attitudes for lifelong learning that are vital to the success of students in school, in further education and training and in the workplace.

… person

Curriculum provides the foundation for each student's intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual development, enabling them to discover and develop their capabilities and talents through a balanced education of the whole person.

… community member

Curriculum prepares students with the knowledge, understandings, skills and values to be active, informed citizens and to participate in the social and economic life of the community.

… and contributor to society

Curriculum develops students as critical thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators. It supports students to apply their knowledge and skills to their experiences beyond school and to contribute to the local, national and global society.

Principles that underwrite the curriculum of schools in the ACT and underpin the curriculum at Sacred Heart include:

  1. The framework of the curriculum should identify learning that is essential for all ACT students.
  2. Schools should be responsible for their students' learning.
  3. Curriculum should be based on the belief that every student can learn.
  4. Curriculum should focus on maximising student learning.
  5. Curriculum should provide every student with sustained opportunities to learn.
  6. Curriculum should promote depth of student understanding & expertise.
  7. Curriculum should be equitable & inclusive.
  8. Curriculum decisions should be based in ethical practice.
  9. Curriculum should be coherent & aligned.
  10. Curriculum should be dynamic & responsive.